Limitations of Exchange without Autodiscover SRV

Why do i need an SRV record?

With no SRV record in place, many features of Outlook will not function correctly, including:

  • Autodiscovery of server settings on account setup
  • shared calendars
  • shared contacts
  • Out of Office notifications
  • Push notifications to mobile devices


How can i check my SRV record?

Our Console features a domain status check, which will confirm that your domain is configured correctly.  It will check a number of items, including your SRV record.  When you log into the Mailprotector Console, you will see either a green or red status box.  Clicking on this box will show your current DNS settings, as well as any recommended corrections.


Red.png  Green.png


How can i alter my SRV record?

This KB article will go into further detail on configuring or updating your SRV record.

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