Limitations of Exchange without Autodiscover SRV

Why do i need an SRV record?

With no SRV record in place, many features of Outlook will not function correctly, including:

  • Autodiscovery of server settings on account setup
  • shared calendars
  • shared contacts
  • Out of Office notifications
  • Push notifications to mobile devices


How can i check my SRV record?

Our Console features a domain status check, which will confirm that your domain SRV record is configured correctly. When you are under the "Overview" tab under the domain, you will see either "Invalid" or "Pass" depending on if the autodiscover record is valid or not.  Clicking on this box will show your current DNS settings, as well as any recommended corrections.


Display if details are selected:



How can i alter my SRV record?

This KB article will go into further detail on configuring or updating your SRV record.

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