How to - Setup Outlook 2011 for Mac with Hosted Exchange 2013

After installing your Outlook 2011 email client for Mac, follow the below steps for configuring your mailbox (using autodiscover).

Note/Important:  You will want to confirm you have a valid SRV record in place that points to a target of  

If you are unsure, you can verify on your Mailprotector management console or query your srv record with the following command line:  nslookup -type=srv (where would be replaced with your domain).

Once confirmed that your SRV record is correct:

  1. Open Outlook 2011
  2. Select Tools > Accounts
  3. Click the + icon to create a new account
  4. Select Exchange
  5. Enter your email address in the 'E-mail address' box
  6. Leave the method on 'User Name and Password' (default)
  7. enter your full email address again in the 'User name' box
  8. enter the password for this account in the 'Password' box
  9. with the 'configure automatically' button checked, click 'Add Account'

Outlook 2011 then will query your autodiscover settings and automatically pull all other settings.  Thats it!  You can close the Accounts box and begin using your new mailbox account.


Otional:  If configuring manually 'configure automatically' button unchecked, you will need to enter a server address of

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