Email Headers - Adding "Message options" to your Outlook 2010.

Using Outlook 2010, to obtain the internet message header information for a message, you will first need to add the “Message options” to your Outlook ribbon.

In Outlook, click “File”, and then “Options”. In the “Options” window, click “Customize ribbon” in the left hand menu tree.

In the right hand side of the window, select “Home (mail)” and then click the “New Group” button at the bottom.newgroup1.png

You will see the “New group” added as shown below:



Then in the left hand side of the window, change the drop down menu at the top to say “Commands not in Ribbon”. Select “Message Options”, and click the “Add” button.


Finish by clicking "OK" at the bottom.

Then to obtain the message header information, select a message from your message list, and click the "Message options" button in the Ribbon.


The message "properties" window will open, where you will find the "Internet Header" information.


Click once in the "Internet header" box, and hit ctrl + a, to select all. Then hit ctrl + c to copy.

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