Outbound Filtering Setup

Login to the Mailprotector console (https://console.mailprotector.com). Select "Settings" from the menu tree down the right hand side of the page.




On the “General” tab, in the “Outbound Mail” section, enter the IP address of your server that we should accept outbound messages from where it says “Outbound SMTP host address”. This is usually the same IP  listed in the “Inbound SMTP host address”.

Then, Configure a new SMTP connector on your domains server to relay through: <your domain>.outbound.emailservice.io

After you have setup your mail server to relay outbound mail through our outbound scanning/filtering, you will want to create or modify your existing SPF record to include our outbound gateway IP addresses. SPF records identify the servers that are authorized to send mail from the domain they are claiming to come from.  Please see this KB article for the correct SPF records.


Note - make sure you are routing your outbound email correctly through Mailprotector.  Please check your smtp connector and make sure you are pointing to the following hostname:

<your domain here>.outbound.emailservice.io



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