How to Set Your Delivery IP for Email Security Service

After you add your users to Mailprotector, we suggest checking your IP to be sure we're going to send your email to the right place.

Click the "Settings" link located either at the top of the page or on the right hand side of the page.




On the Settings page the General tab is selected by default, so you should be in the right place. In the Inbound Mail section make sure that the Inbound SMTP Host Address matches the address of your mail server. If it doesn't match up, click the edit link and correct it, then click Save.



Note: You also have the option to set the SMTP Host Address for your Outbound email server. By entering the Outbound SMTP Host Address you are turning on filtering for emails sent from your organization. Leave this blank if you would prefer to not have your outbound email filtered. See instructions here:  Outbound scanning/filtering setup.


Once your users are all added to the system and Inbound SMTP Address is confirmed, you're ready to change your DNS/MX records to point to Mailprotector.


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