Overview of the Setup Process


Provisioning a domain in the Mailprotector Console is a simple three-step process. The setup consists of adding users or addresses to the created domain in the Console, confirming the connection to your inbound email host address, and changing the MX records of the domain to begin delivery of email to Mailprotector's CloudFilter solution.

The implementation process is designed to be relatively easy, but as with any new tool, there will be additional features and configurations that you will learn about and decide to apply based on your or your clients' individual needs.

Applies to:

Console, CloudFilter


Before beginning to provision a domain in the Console, you should have:

  • A Mailprotector Console manager account with administrator or technical role
  • Administrative access to the firewall (if applicable)
  • Administrative access to the email server or hosted email admin center
  • Administrative access to change the domain's public DNS records
  • The hostname or IP address of the email server or hosted destination

As you follow the documentation, you will find links to Reference Guidesicon-ext-url.png that will help you determine some of the information required to complete the setup process. If the guides do not apply to your situation or you have additional questions, please open a request for Mailprotector Supporticon-ext-url.png.


The three-steps are described in more detail, individually, in the Getting Startedicon-ext-url.png section of the knowledge base.

NOTE: The information presented is covered during the initial on-boarding when you became a partner. If you are a new employee or have taken over administration of the Mailprotector solution for your organization, you may request an on-boarding call with your account manager.


Before you begin the first step, you will need to add a domain to the Console. You will start on the Dashboard of your reseller account. You can add a domain by clicking one of three links to take you to the domains list as shown in Figure 1.

Fig. 1


Viewing the domains list, which may have other domains already listed or be blank, click on the Add Domain button to add the domain you will provision, as shown in Figure 2.

Fig. 2


Choose an account to add the domain to, enter the domain name in the textbox, and click the Add Domain button to complete the action and be taken to domain's Main page. Your completed form should look similar to Figure 3.

BEST PRACTICE: Adding domains to a corresponding Customer account will provide additional administrative controls, better organization of the domains with their associated client, and provide a more friendly invoice. If you have not created a Customer account for the domain you are adding; you can do so later and then move the domain to the created Customer account.

Fig. 3


After creating the domain, you will be viewing the domain's Main page as shown in Figure 4. You are now ready to follow the three-step process to provision the domain on Mailprotector.

Fig. 4

Three-step Provisioning

Follow the steps by moving through the detailed instructions for:

When complete, the domain will be protected by Mailprotector's CloudFilter solution and be ready for additional services such as XtraMail email continuity, SecureStore email archiving, and Bracket email encryption.


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